Project Calliope

Our first of many future neighborhoods, The Calliope, is a affordable neighborhood community that is breaking the cycle of poverty by creating a space where single mothers have all the resources they need to build a thriving future for their family.


Calliope (noun)

  1. the Muse of eloquence and epic poetry. Calliope has the powers of inspiration, storytelling and empowerment.
  2. A hummingbird seen in the United States and Canada, named after the Greek muse Calliope

Our first of many future neighborhoods, Calliope, is open to four single mother-led families. Project Calliope is located near mall 205, transportation, food resources, and employment opportunities.

Project Calliope offers:

  • Serving four families
  • Four two bedroom cottage style homes
  • Fully renovated
  • Community design
  • Beautiful high end finishes

Community Design:

  • Outdoor community gathering spaces
  • Playground
  • Community garden
  • Secure fencing

Flexible Indoor Spaces Provide:

  • Holistic family healthcare
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Family programs
  • Childcare
  • Family resources

We need your help to complete the final pieces of our project!


  • Landscaping
  • Playground
  • Community Area
  • Secure Fencing
  • Help us purchase the Calliope, allowing us to serve generations of families to follow!
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  • Beautiful trauma informed design

    All our spaces are designed with high end finishes that are trauma informed, durable, and create a calm and dignified environment for our families.

  • Community spaces

    Community spaces are for gathering, building connection, relaxation, and access to resources. Community is at the heart of Kathy’s Place.

  • Playground

    A safe place for kids to run, jump, and play.

We Cannot Do It Without Your Help!

Help us build our community and break the cycle for generations of families!

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  • Volunteer

    Help our families succeed by volunteering your time and treasure.

  • Partner

    Help our families succeed with corporate or community collaboration.

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    Help support our families with the resources they need to thrive.