Individualized Family Plan

Our single mothers are all unique, so our program solutions are too.

Our individualized family plan is all about creating a road map for success that meets the unique needs of each family. Each family will identify their barriers and challenges, as well as their goals, dreams, and plans for the future. Each family has a navigator who will help them with resources and will provide accountability as they move along their family plan journey.

Individualized Family Plans

We know it takes a village. We want to be the village it takes through resources and accountability our individualized family plans are person centric in design. This means the moms themselves build out goals and define the pathways that we help them move towards with resourcing, motivation, and connection.

  • Family Health

    • Holistic health focus

  • Break the cycle

    • Trauma-informed family navigator
    • Creating a road map for success
    • Accountability

  • Resourcing Needs

    • Partner with each family to address their specific family needs
    • Identify challenges and barriers
    • Provide individual solutions
    • Access resources

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