Education and Career Development

Education and career development are to create generational wealth and to break the cycle of poverty. We are dedicated to working with Moms and partners to underwrite educational and living costs in order to create the space and time. Once a Mom has gone through her career development or educational program, Kathy’s place helps pair you with career opportunities through our corporate and small business partnerships. 

Education, Career Development, or the Trades

The largest barrier facing anyone with the desire for a higher education is the rapidly increasing costs of obtaining a degree. In Oregon, the average cost of in-state tuition, fees, room and board is more than $28,000 a year. The average Cost of tuition, fees, and supplies for a 6-24 month program in the healthcare field averages $20,000 for tuition and supplies and can range from $7,000 on the low end to more than $60,000 on the high end.

For single moms working to simply make ends meet, this is both cost and time prohibitive without a caring community and a helping hand. There are many programs that can provide education and training in high demand areas that also provide long-term economic empowerment, including (among others):

Nursing (LPN, CNA, RN)
Medical Assistant
Cardiovascular & Diagnostic Sonography
Medical Billing & Coding
Surgical Technology
Mechanic Trade
Electrical Trade

We believe that everyone deserves an education if they want to pursue one. We believe everyone should earn a living wage. We believe in the power of single moms. We believe we can make a difference. We believe it takes a village. We know that healing from generational trauma, getting educated, and creating a new path takes time and support. We need your help.

  • Career and trade education programs

    • 6-24 month career and trade programs

  • Employment opportunity

    • Partnerships with organizations that will pair neighbors with a career opportunity

  • Scholarship support

    • Partnering with neighbors to underwrite educational costs

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