Deeply Affordable Housing

Our urban neighborhood is deeply affordable. We underwrite housing costs to reduce stress and create more time for joy in parenting. Our first neighborhood The Calliope has ease of transportation, proximity to resources, and intentional neighborhood practices. When our neighborhood is your home you have access to the Rent well program, financial training, budgeting, and becoming a good neighbor. 

Our Deeply Affordable Housing Model

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  • Housing Support

    • Underwrite housing cost
    • Reduced stress; More time for joy in parenting
    • 2-3 years; enough time for transformation

  • Urban Neighborhood

    • Ease of transportation
    • Proximity to resources
    • Intentional Community
    • Being a good neighbor

  • Building Financial Strength

    • Rent well program
    • Financial training
    • Budgeting

We Cannot Do It Without Your Help!

Help us build our community and break the cycle for generations of families!

More Ways You Can Help

  • Volunteer

    Help our families succeed by volunteering your time and treasure.

  • Partner

    Help our families succeed with corporate or community collaboration.

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  • Wishlist

    Help support our families with the resources they need to thrive.