Our Mission

Kathy's Place is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by creating safe and affordable neighborhood communities where single moms are empowered with the resources they need to build a thriving future for their family.

Breaking the cycle with
Kathy’s Place

The cost of housing in Portland, the cost of childcare, the cost of education, the difficulty in earning a living wage, and the cost to employment prospects when you are the sole caregiver for your family can make it overwhelming for a single parent. The statistics are much worse if you are a woman, a person of color, and if you lack community, resources, and connections. The trauma and emotional toll it takes on every member of the family, and particularly on the children, is incalculable and the cycle can feel nearly impossible to break.

We believe that the cycle of poverty CAN be broken, and that single mothers simply need what our inspiration, Kathy, provided for our founders: a community of support, access to resources, and the time and money to accomplish their dreams.

At Kathy’s Place single moms will be empowered to build a new and exciting path for themselves and their family that will lead to transformative, generational change. Kathy’s Place will partner with single moms and collaborate with community partners to alleviate the stressors and barriers to success by providing:

  • Community
  • Housing
  • Education and Career Development
  • A Pathway to Success
  • Time to Create Lasting, Meaningful Change
About Us

Our Approach

Kathy's Place is designed to reimagine and revolutionize how we support single moms and their families in order to create meaningful, generational change. Kathy's Place will support single moms and their children by surrounding families in a caring community; by providing beautiful, safe, dignified and deeply affordable housing; by creating the time and money for moms to complete educational and trade programs that provide career living wage opportunity; by connecting moms with community business partners; by co-developing long and short term family plans and accountability benchmarks; and by simply giving families enough time and breathing room to not only succeed, but to experience joy in the journey.

  • Building a Community

    We want to build a village, because we know that it takes one. Kathy’s Place creates a small community of homes for single moms within urban neighborhoods. Housing design will foster connection, with access to safe community gathering spaces, playgrounds, tutoring and mentoring spaces, and spaces for childcare and holistic healthcare. We are intentional in neighboring with each other and with the surrounding community, to serve and be served by one another.

  • Deeply Affordable Housing

    Our housing communities are deeply affordable and will be located in close proximity to transportation and community resources. Affordability in a resource rich environment will reduce family stress and allow moms the time to invest in their children and in their family’s success. Families will be provided access to all parts of the program and cost will be variable based on each family’s unique circumstances.

  • Education and Career Development

    Kathy’s Place will invest in career development that will allow moms to earn a stable, sustainable living wage for their families. This includes enrollment or participation in 6-24 month education and trade programs, as well as partnering moms with small business and corporate partners who can provide a future career path. Our goal is to identify corporate partners known for empowering and supporting women in the workplace.

  • Individualized Family Plan

    Our individualized family plan is all about creating a road map for success that meets the unique needs of each family. Each family will identify their barriers and challenges, as well as their goals, dreams, and plans for the future. Each family has a trauma informed navigator who will help them with resources and will provide accountability as they move along their family plan journey.

  • Time

    Time is a commodity that is scarce for all single moms, and Kathy’s Place wants to provide moms with the time they need to create meaningful, transformational change for their family. Kathy’s Place welcomes families into our program for up to three years, allowing them enough time to succeed in their family journey and break the cycle.

Our first neighborhood, The Calliope!

  • Project Calliope

    Our first of many neighborhoods, the Calliope is located in SE Portland, near transportation and community resources. We will be opening the doors of these beautiful, two bedroom, cottage style homes to four families this Fall! These warm, cozy homes have been fully renovated and community designed.

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At Kathy’s Place we are safe to rest and grow

Mom at the Calliope Neighborhood

The support of Kathy’s Place staff and resources has given me room to breathe for the first time in my life.

Mom at the Calliope Neighborhood

Being in the Kathy’s Place neighborhood is the first time I have ever been safe. We have never had a home before and now we have a beautiful one where we are free to move beyond dreams and actually change our lives for the better!

Mom in the Kathy's Place neighborhood

This is an actual solution, I feel secure and safe, I feel like I have the support I need to get educated and thrive!

Mom at the Calliope Neighborhood

The staff at Kathy’s Place is available and building relationships with them is helping me find trust again.

Mom at the Calliope Neighborhood

I am a single mom who has been through a lot of tough times. Just six months ago, my kids and I were living under a bridge. I had big dreams for us, but I couldn’t see a way to make them come true. My biggest dream was to give my family a bright and happy future, but finding a home and getting an education felt impossible.

Then, I heard about Kathy’s Place. It was like a lifeline for me. Now, I have a beautiful apartment that I can call home for me and my kids. I have a job, my kids are in safe and healthy daycare, and I’m even back in school! None of this felt possible just six months ago. I am so grateful for Kathy’s Place. They believed in me and my dreams, and they’ve supported me every step of the way to make them come true.

Mom at the Calliope

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